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Camp Apple Hill Scout Reserve Project

Camp Apple Hill TrailCamp Apple Hill Scout Reserve, located in Apple Hill Ontario, has been a Scouts Canada camp since 1961. The Camp is managed by the Stormont-Glengarry Area of Scouts Canada, servicing Scouting Groups in Cornwall, Ingleside, St. Andrews, Lancaster, Alexandria, Maxville and Vankleek Hill. The Camp has been maintained as a "wilderness camp" since its inception, and had only one winterized cabin on the property to serve as an emergency shelter for the older youth members, and as a winter camping facility for those members aged 5 to 10 years old.

Old CabinOn June 29, 2003, the lock on one of the gates entering the camp was cut off, and vandals entered the camp, burning its contents then finished by burning the cabin to the ground. Groupe Renaissance has entered into a partnership with the Stormont-Glengarry Area of Scouts Canada to assist in the construction of a new structure to replace the old one as well as other improvements such as making the camp more handicap accessible.

Camp MeetingThe project is slated to begin in the spring of 2004 and should be completed by fall of the same year. Groupe Renaissance, to date, has assisted Stormont-Glengarry Area in securing donations of labour and materials from other organizations and will also assist the Scouting Area in the submissions for various grants.

Solely Scouts Canada Stormont-Glengarry Area will do fund raising for this project, aside from grants. This project will not only benefit the youth of Cornwall and surrounding area, but also the youth of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec that use the Camp.

Project Update

Camp Apple Hill ChapelThe construction of the winter cabin has been delayed until September 2005. In the summer of 2004, Groupe Renaissance Group, World Changers and members of Scouts Canada - Stormont-Glengarry Area worked together to construct a new Chapel at the camp. The labour for the construction was provided by a crew of 10 World Changers from various parts of the United States.

World Changers have already committed to return on July 9, 2005 to construct a new winter cabin for the camp.

Within days of completion of the Chapel, it was announced that Scouts Canada had added Camp Apple Hill to a list of camps to be closed. An appeal was immediately launched by Stormont-Glengarry Area.

Project Update 2006

In 2005, a decision was made by Scouts Canada to keep Camp Apple Hill Scout Reserve open.

The project at Camp Apple Hill Scout Reserve has been ongoing since September 2004. Groupe Renaissance Group, World Changers and Scouts Canada Stormont Glengarry area have worked together to complete three projects to date.

  • 2004 New outdoor Chapel constructed
  • 2005 New winterized cabin constructed to replace the cabin that was lost to a fire in 2003
  • 2006 Construction of an adirondack shelter was completed to accommodate members of Scouting age 11 to 26 year round.
Future projects at the camp are under consideration.

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